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An Introduction to Website Hosting

So you have a website right… Now what…?

Once your website has been created and you have chosen a Domain Name to identify your website with, your website must be stored on the internet under your Domain Name.

Websites are stored on the internet on “Web Servers” all over the world. This large complex structure of Web Servers is really what the internet is made up of – thousands of computers holding information (Websites) that can be viewed by typing in the specific “URL” or Domain Name, as it is commonly referred to.

To store your website on a “server” on the internet you need a Website Hosting Account. Fresh Hosting (part of the Fresh Media Group), is our affiliate company and we provide Website Hosting solutions for any style of website. Option inclusive are email accounts, website statistics and more.

Jaffa Designs can arrange advice, setup and purchase of your Web Hosting Account and configure it to your Domain Name.

For further information on a Website Hosting for your website please contact us directly.